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About Vizag Andhra Pradesh

Vizag has a rich heritage and culture, with a diverse range of attractions. From beaches to temples, you can find it all here. Vizag is located on the eastern coast of India and is one of the largest cities in Andhra Pradesh with a population over 2 million people. The city has a rich history and culture that will excite anyone who visits.

Visakhapatnam Tourist Places

Vizag offers a wide variety of attractions at every time of year. Whether you want to swim in the sea during summer or explore ancient ruins in winter, there’s something for everyone. Want to have an ESCAPE from the mechanical life, then it is an excellent place to visit, it’s pollution free Tropical Climate makes the city rich in Beauty. A Serene environment makes you relax at ease. It has been a popular destination for long coastal Beaches.

It has got everything to offer for all age groups, Splendid valleys, interesting caves, beautiful landscape gardens, waterfalls and museums. It is an ideal place to have a merry time with the family, Dolphin Nose which has a picturesque view to offer, a great inspiration for travelers for sightseeing.

Ramakrishna Beach is a very popular Beach for adventure loving peoples. It has water sports, Boating, fishing. Yarada Beach is surrounded by hills with beautiful landscape. Rushikonda Beach is unique in its nature with beautiful sculptures of Lord Shiva and Padmavati.

A place for all seasons

Araku Valley is the heart of Vizag. It is the most popular sort after destination as it is abundant in Beauty covered with hills, lush green plantation, Water Falls, beautiful Landscape Gardens. You can very well enjoy a Toy Train Ride from the city of Vizag to Araku Valley among beautiful views of green valley. Araku valley has a traditional Tribal Village where you can experience a Tribal Culture, which will make your Trip an interesting Journey. Duduma Waterfalls are a very exciting place to visit as it is abundant in Natural Beauty with picturesque views.

If you are interested in seeing a Harbour then Vizag is a must place to visit. It has a natural Harbour and an oldest Shipyard, which is a rear site to see. INS Submarine Museum is a unique experience to visit which you may not find anywhere else. The Submarine showcases all the technical, mechanical parts, and is an interesting sight to see.

The city of Vizag has beautiful landscape garden, maintained by GVMC, like Vuda Park near Ramakrishna Beach On one side you will find blue Ocean, on other side you will find the hills, which reveals the Beauty of Vizag, which is an inspiration for Painters to capture picturesque view in their Canvas. Lumbini Park is the most happening place to visit, it offers Boat Rides, musical fountains, and games like Roller, Skating rinks, Gymnasium, Yoga Centre etc.  

History of Vizag

In the 6th century BC the city of Visakhapatnam was ruled by the Vengi Kingdom and Pallava and Eastern Ganga Dynasties. The City was named after Andhra King Sri Visakha Verma. As per the Archeological Survey, the city of Vizag was built around 11th and 12th century Control over the city has been fluctuating between Chola Dynasty and Gajapathi kingdom of Odisha until it was conquered by Vijayanagar Empire in 15th century Later the city was conquered by Moghal Empire.

European powers developed trading interest and the city came under French Rule in 18th centuary Later British has taken control in 1804 and it came under British Colonial Rule until India got Independence in 1947,

Buddhist Influence

During the 15th century BC Visakhapatnam was part of Kalinga Territory Ruin tones found in the area prove that there was Buddhist Empire in the region. The king Ashoka won the battle against Kalinga and embraced Buddhism. Visakhapatnam is surrounded by Buddhist sites Bojjanna Konda is located 40km south of Visakhapatnam is a significant site in Andhra Pradesh. It has a number of images of Buddha. There are other Buddhist sites like Chaitya halls, Stupas and Vajrayana Sculptures. Bavikonda Stupas are also of important significance thotlakonda a Buddhist Complex is situated on top of hill at Bheemili Beach Road.

After taking control from French rule by British in the 18th century, Visakhapatnam became a Madras Presidency of British India. After India’s Independence this large district was divided into 3 districts of Srikakulam, Vizianagram, and Visakhapatnam. Part of the city is known by the colonial British name “Waltair”.


Visakhapatnam has a tropical wet and dry climate. The maximum temperature in the month of May ranges between 24.7-30.6 o C and minimum temperature is in the month of January ranges between20-27Oc.


Census of India shows as of 2011 the population of Visakhapatnam is 17,28,128 of which males were 8,73,599 and females 8,54.529. The average Literacy rate was 81.79%. The population crossed 2 Million after expansion of City limits to 20,35,922

Language and Religion

Telugu is the most predominant spoken language (92.72%) people speak Telugu and (2.52%) people speak Urdu, (2.15%) speak Hindi, (1.0%) people speak Odisha, (0.33%) speak Tamil (0.32%) speak Malayalam, (0.31%) speak Bengali.

Religious Worship temple

Simhachalam Temple of Lord Narasimha and Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple are of great significance, Hinduism is practised by (92.32%) of the people (3.85%) of the people follow Islam (3.07%) of the people follow Christianity and others (0.76%).


Visakhapatnam (Vizag) is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. It is the 9th richest city in India with a GDP growth of $43.5 Billion. The Sea Food exported from the harbour is approx. (1,27,000) Tonne. Visakhapatnam Port and Gangavaram Port are the most business Ports, handling the Cargo.

Information Technology

There was a Boost in the IT Sector in Visakhapatnam, the Turn over recorded in (2016-17) was 5,400 Crore (US$760) with more than 350 Firms.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City (JNPC) developed at Parawada in Visakhapatnam has all major companies like Reddy’s Lab, Aurobindo Pharma, Torrent Pharma etc. Where all Ultra Modern Medical Equipment are manufactured. SIMHADRI Thermal Plant is being expanded from 1000 to 2,000 MW at a cost of 50 Billion.

Land Marks and Transport in Visakhapatnam

Major landMarks in the city of Vishakhapatnam are Dolphin Nose Lighthouse Kailasagiri Beach Road, VMRDA Park, Visakha Museum and Matsyadarshini (an aquarium), The INS Kursura Submarine Museum, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, City Central Park, Telugu Samskruthika Niketanam, Rushikonda Beach, Yarada, Bheemili, Thotlakonda and Gangavaram Beach, Borra Caves, Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary.


The modes of transport in the city of Vizag are Buses, Cars, and Auto Rickshaw Road and Rail Transport are preferred for long distance Travel. The main Bus Station is Dwarka Bus Station and the main Railway Station is Visakha Railway Station which connects the whole city from other areas.


The Telugu publishers for News etc in the city of Vizag are Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Andhra Prabha, Vaartha, Surya, Prajasakti and Visala Andhra. The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu Business Line. The New India Express and The Hans India.

FM Station in Vizag

  • Radio City- 91-1 Telugu/Hindi
  • Big 92.7 FM Telugu/Hindi.
  • Red FM 93.5 Telugu
  • AIR Primary-101.6 Telugu
  • Visakha FM-105.6 Telugu
  • Gyan Vani – Telugu/English/Hindi

Civic Administration

Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GHMC) look after all the civic needs of the city of Visakhapatnam, Visakha Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) is urban planning Agency that covers the GVMC and its Suburbs covering two corporations one municipality and the other Nagar Panchayat, 895 villages from two district of Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram. This expanded area of the city is under the administration of Visakha Metropolitan Region Development Authority. Law and Order in the delta by Visakhapatnam City Police.