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Bojjannakonda Sankaram tourist places visakhapatnam (vizag)
Bojjanakonda Sankaram Tourist places Visakhapatnam (vizag), Andhra Pradesh, India

History of Bojjannakonda Visakhapatnam

The ruins are located on the hills regionally called Bojjannakonda and Lingalametta. Sankaram has various monolithic consecrated stupas, rock-cut caves, structural buildings and pictures of Buddha and non-tantric style of Hariti. Various antiquities such as stamps, inscribed tablets, flower pots, mostly copper coins from the 7th century AD were found during the excavations. At a distance of 42 Kms from Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Railway Station, Sankaram, situated at a distance of 3 kms from Anakapalle Railway Station is known for the Buddhist ruins.

A gold coin of Samudragupta of the fourth century AD is a significant find. A seated image of the Buddha called Buddhanna or Bojjana is found in one of the caves on the hill. There are many plains and some caves on an equivalent hillock, that formed the Viharas for the monks and students.

Sankaram village at Bojjannakonda close to Anakapalle is a widespread Buddhist heritage spot and additionally an acknowledged Buddhist site in Andhra Pradesh. Few centuries back this place was the middle of Buddhist culture and teaching. From Anakapalli city it’ll be 15 minutes by road. Their square measure guides are accessible to indicate the caves and its importance if you’re a heavy visitor to the current place.

Tourist attraction

The hill tops give a panoramic view of the green fields and distant hills of the area. It will take one hour for a not serious visitor to hide in each of the places. The name of the village Sankaram derived from the word Sangharama that meant religious residence. There are several remnants of consecrated stupas, rock-cut caves, ruins of prayer halls, meditation halls, brick built structural edifices, resting places on the market on the dual hills of Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda.

This place is located by the side of the river Sarada. During the excavation of this place several ages ago, clay tablets of Sitting Buddha were found. Their square measures several Buddha statues incised on the rock-face of the caves. Worth seeing here are the remnants of votive stupas, rock-cut caves, brick-built structural edifices, early historic pottery and Satavahana coins that were discovered in an excavation.

How to Reach Bojjannakonda Visakhapatnam

Bojjannakonda is located in Sankaram, about 26 kilometers from Visakhapatnam. Vehicles and taxis or buses are the best means of transportation to get to the caves via NH16. Take the Gajuwaka – Scindia highway to reach NH16 and follow the Chennai – Srikakulam highway to Bojjannakonda hill.