KGH Visakhapatnam ready for human trials of Covaxin

Coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine trials kgh visakhapatnam

Covid-19 vaccination process in Visakhapatnam KGH

As part of the Covid-19 vaccination process, the medical authorities have taken steps to send proposals to the government once again for approvals to conduct experiments on humans (clinical trials) at Visakhapatnam KGH.

Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL) has previously entrusted Vasudev, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, with the responsibility for these experiments. Now he has been handed over to KGH Pediatrics Department Head, Senior Professor P. Venugopal by BBIL. Andhra Medical College Principal Sudhakar has recently written a letter.

Venugopal has experience in conducting several clinical trials in the past. Several other organizations, including BBIL, have come forward to conduct experiments on humans at KGH. Sudhakar said the proposals from the respective companies have been considered and will be sent to the DME office on the 20th of this month for final approval. He said the experiments would be carried out as soon as government approvals were received.

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