Tatipudi Reservoir

Tatipudi Reservoir Tourist Attracts Araku Vizag
Tatipudi Reservoir Tourist Places to Visit Araku – Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh, India.

About Tatipudi Reservoir Andhra Pradesh

The Reservoir was in-built 1963 across watercourse Gosthani to supply potable facility to the Visakhapatnam (Vizag) town. This location is extremely stunning with lush inexperienced mountains on all the sides. Boating facility is available. Tatipudi Reservoir at a distance of 65 Kms from Vizag, 55 Kms from Araku & 338 Kms from Amaravati, the Tatipudi Reservoir is found close to Srungavarapukota (also called S Kota) town.

The barrage is built over watercourse Gosthani in Vizianagaram District. While moving to Araku from Vizag this junction is at 50 kilometer distance from Kotha road Junction (Visakhapatnam) and this will come before the hilly area. Take a right flip and travel 8 kilometer by road. Before the main reservoir the discharge gate you can see at your left side After crossing the village space, you’ll take left intercommunicate to reach the highest of the reservoir. You will get a wonderful read of the lake from here.

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The Tatipudi Reservoir is set shut Srungavarapukota city organized amongst Vizag and Araku depression in Vizianagaram space. A few vagrant winged animals make this provide their range in the periods of April/May. The Reservoir is around 10 Kms from S Kota and can be come to by means of Kothavooru and Krishnapuram whereas originating from Vizag, or by means that of Tennuboddaa and Tatipudi city whereas originating from Araku.

This location is extremely lovely with lush inexperienced mountains on all the sides. Boating facility is available. Several migrant birds build this reservoir their direct the months of April/May. This place can be visited while going to Araku or during return to Visakhapatnam (Vizag) with 1-2 Hours additional effort.

How to Reach Tatipudi Reservoir

By Bus:

Vizianagaram is the closest city to Tatipudi. It is at a distance of 20 kilometers from the Vizianagaram bus complex. You can get off at APSRTC Bus Stand, Vizianagaram and you can travel by car or bus to Tatipudi, which is on the way to Srungvarapukota. Number of APSRTC buses from the main cities to here.

By Rail:

You can get down at Vizianagaram Railway Station which is a railway junction. All trains towards Howrah, Bhubaneswar, Bilaspur, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Banglore, Tirupati etc will halt here.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Visakhapatnam, 60 km from Vizianagaram.