Andhra Style Vankaya Fry (Brinjal Fry) Recipe – Vankaya Vepudu


Brinjal fry is a side dish from Andhra Cusine made by stir frying eggplants with spices & herbs. This andhra vogue eggplant bush fry is delicious, flavoursome created in minutes. It is known as vankaya vepudu in telugu & is one of the most commonly made side dishes to serve with plain rice & ghee.

Andhra cusine is popular for its spicy, flavorful & nutty dishes. This brijal fry is made in numerous ways & each family has their own recipe. It is also served as a side dish in Andhra meals in restaurants. However most foods in authentic restaurants are super hot & spicy, including this brijal fry. At home we do not eat very hot & spicy foods as my young kids still cannot tolerate the heat. So this andhra style eggplant bush fry isn’t solely healthy however is additionally a brilliant delicious one with explosive flavors. Bringal fry goes well with plain rice and Rasam or Sambar. It just takes about 25 minutes to prepare.

Tips to make brinjal fry

  1. Always choose tender brinjals that are fresh without any bruises. Also after chopping brinjals keep them in salted water until they are used to cook.
  2. I have used a handful of roasted peanuts which not only perk up the nutrition values but also adds a nutty aroma to the dish. However you can skip them completely.
  3. We also add some tender green peas to the brinjal fry. You can just add them to the pan along with eggplants. If the peas area unit too tender then add them once the brinjals area unit soft broiled.
  4. I have used garamasala to spice up the dish, however you can also add little sambar powder if you not have garam masala.


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