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Famous temples around Vizag

Visakhapatnam and its surrounding districts are richly endowed with ancient temples and religious festivals. There are temples, spectacular churches, terribly previous dargahs and ancient Buddhist sites among and bordering to Visakhapatnam (Vizag). Religiously inclined tourism is just an offshoot of pilgrimages of yore. For some, it’s the history, heritage aspect and sculpture of the temples that’s extra intriguing.

Simhachalam Temple Visakhapatnam

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Simhachalam Temple is one of the holy place in india that resembles culture and heritage. Natural beauty of Simhachalam temple is situated 16km from Visakhapatnam. With over 525 inscriptions on the temple walls, the oldest dates back to the Chola King Kulothunga, 1098 AD. There are also references to Sri Krishna Devaraya who donated ornaments and land to the Lord. The most prominent shrine in Vizag is an ancient Vaishanava temple, the Simhachalam Temple dedicated to Lord Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha.

The idol is perpetually covered with Sandalwood paste which is replaced every year on Akshaya Triteya, popularly known as ‘Chandana Utsav’, the only day in the year that the Lord is viewed with entirely a thin single coat of chandanam paste called ‘Nijarupa Darshan’. Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Chandanotsavam or the Nijaroopa Darshanam is conducted once in a year. It is solely on at the present time that devotees would have an opportunity to ascertain the particular form of the lord (Nijaroopam). It is on the Chandanotsavam day that the Lord’s wood paste is removed and is roofed with a recent layer of wood paste brought from province and Andhra Pradesh state.

Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple

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Perhaps the foremost in style shrine within the packed slender by-lanes of One Town area in Vizag town, the Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi temple attracts huge crowds within the Telugu month, Magasira masam, especially on Thursdays. According to hearsay, the idol, a style of divinity Hindu deity was the family deity of the then ‘Rajas of Visakhapatnam’, lost for reasons unknown. Centuries later, in 1912, the idol was recovered from a well and installed subsequently. The speciality of this temple is that though there is a big roofed hall, the idol itself has no roof above; it is exposed to the vagaries of nature.

This according to locals is what the Goddess had desired. Devotees bring newly born babies for blessings and newlyweds too make a beeline for the temple. A visit here showcases some of Vizag’s oldest and busiest lanes. The Holy Hills accentuating communal harmony As a singular testament to communal harmony of Vizagites, there are a unit of 3 picturesque hillocks every with its own distinctive spiritual significance on the channel that ends up in the inner harbour. Located just 1 km from the Old Post Office in the Port Area. On the other side of the channel lies the path to Sagar Durga temple, Yarada Beach and the Light House.

Sri Sampath Vinayaka Temple Visakhapatnam

Sri Sampath Vinayaka Temple was started in the year 1962 and it is one of the famous temples in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) in the premises of Sambandam & Co. located in the Asilmetta area siripuram uplands road. It was arranged place to worship with the staff of the institution and family members of the employees. Devotees visit this Vinayaka temple as a regular basis because the temple has special importance and strong believes. The Sri Sampath Vinayaka Swamy Temple is extremely famous regarding to automobiles and obviously continues long queues with new vehicles can be seen every day surrounding the temple to perfom special vahana puja to each vehicle from the blessings of the lord Vinayaka and special pujas for lord Vinayaka will conduct here in the specified hours along with regular pujas.

Lord Venkateswara Temple Visakhapatnam

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Legend has it that in late 17th century, a Dutch Ship commandeered by European Captain Blackmoor was prevented from being pulled back into the choppy sea waters in severe cyclonic storm by what was presumed to be a big ‘boulder’ which turned out to be an idol of Sri Lord Venkateswara. The idol was reverentially put in the idol on the stately Sringamani Hill commanding the harbour.