Etikoppaka Toys Visit Visakhapatnam (Vizag)
Etikoppaka Toys Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

About Etikoppaka Toys Visakhapatnam

Etikoppaka is a small village on the banks of Varaha river in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), is thought for its old tradition of wooden carvings and artifacts. Etikoppaka’s famous lacquered toys, also known as ‘lakkapidathalu’ in the local language, are the hand-woven endeavors of Telugu craftsmen. This old boat belongs to the town of Etikoppaka, 20 kms south of Yellamanchili. Everything about these wooden toys is green sustainable and elegant, a combination that we always look for and rarely find. It is located 67 Km towards west from District headquarters Visakhapatnam.

Etikoppaka toys made of ankudu wood with lacquer colors, enchanting designs are very attractive and have a special appeal for children. The toys, mythological figures, carvings, etc that show the artistic skills of the craftsmen depict the cultural practices of that region While Etikoppaka excelled in creating taking part in first-rate and Baranis (wooden boxes) to contain numerous things to be offered to Gods since historic times.

The wooden toys of Etikoppaka Visakhapatnam

During the fifteenth century Toys, Boxes, utilitarian products like bowls, spice jars, idols of God & Goddesses were created here for native use furthermore as export. The trade saw a decline over a long period of time during colonial rule as part of colonial policy that aimed to break India’s sustainable economic systems. In 1988 however, it came back to life with the efforts of many people, noteworthy of them are Mr. C.V. Raju, who contend a good role along with Uzra Bilgrami, in renewing the craft by introducing new product ranges galvanized by ancient products however keeping in mind the fashionable needs. Mr. Raju, a farmer by education has been working within the craft popularly referred to as Etikoppaka toys or Etikoppaka Bommalu since the last 30 years.

Out of the whole population of 11 thousand individuals, 300 to four hundred men and girls are a unit concerned within the craft these days. The other main sources of financial gain to the present village area unit agriculture and milk production except for the craft. The artisan community has around 160 households and the majority are housed in joint families with four to six members in each family. Their mother tongue is Telugu but few in the community understand and speak Hindi and English.

Lacquer Ware Toys Visakhapatnam

Vishwa Bhramins, the carpenters of the village were concerned in toy creating craft within the region since historic times. Padmashali, who were the weavers, and Devangas, who were the spinners, joined the group later, as all weaving practices in the village ended in the early 1990s. These toys are made with lacquer color and are traditionally called as Etikoppaka toys or Etikoppaka Bommalu.

The village is very famous for its toys manufactured from wood. The toys are also called as lacquer toys owing to application of lacquer coating. The village features a superb history wherever the native jamindars started recognizing the chance of making splendid and attractive toys abundant before independence. These are accepted for canon toys, lord Ganapati kind and bullock etc.

The toys are made out of wood and area unit coloured with natural dyes derived from seeds, bark, lacquer, roots and leaves. The wood wont to make the toys is soft in nature and also the art of toy creating is additionally called Turned wood Lacquer craft. The already ready vegetable dyes are more mixed to the animal product, throughout the method of oxidization. Once this method, the end product obtained is wealthy and coloured lacquer. The dye is employed for decorating the Etikoppaka toys, which are exported all over the world.