Telangana Hyderabad RTC may charge 50% hike for bus tickets

RTC may charge 50% hike for bus tickets

Telangana: RTC may charge 50% hike

Hyderabad: RTC charges will go up soon. The state government has already increased the prices of the Liquor. Bus fares are expected to increase. When it comes to buses, it is believed to increase ticket prices by 50%. The central government says that only 50% of the bus capacity is to be operated by passengers, and the lockdown will result in a loss of revenue of Rs 750 crore. There are also opportunities to run buses in Green Zones after the 15th of this month.

Buses are in Depot from March 22

Since March 22, buses have been limited to the depots. At present, only emergency personnel, medical staff and cargo services are running. This includes payment for cargo services. The company is earning Rs 12 crore to Rs 13 crore per day. 750 crores has been lost from March 22 till 15th of this month. Income was similar, as buses did not run large for two months during the strike time. Taxes and RTC debts, along with 50% of salary, are not avoided if the buses are not running.

The central has suggested that 50% of the bus capacity should be taken by the RTC buses. Pallevelugu buses have 56 seats, that means 23 people have to be hired. There are risks to RTC in general. Officials are wondering what the future of the company will be if it runs 50 percent now. The new fares will come into effect from the day the buses start. They say that it has been increased by 50 to 75 percent if necessary.

Until corona control

Since December 3, bus fares have been increased by 20 paise per km. It is estimated that RTC will earn Rs 752 crore annually. On average, the profit is up to Rs 1 crore a day. The situation was first brought about by the lockdown. The increased charges will remain in force until corona comes into control.

Mask mandatory

Only 20 to 22 people will be boarded in the pallevelugu buses. Arrangements are being made for one of the two seating seats and two for the three-seater seat. Thermal screening is done for each passenger while boarding the bus. Passengers allowed if there is a mask. The buses have already been sanitized and ready.

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