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Coronavirus Lockdown Railways to start limited train services 15 pairs of trains

Railways to start limited train services from tomorrow

The Railways Department is planning to revamp passenger trains from 12th of this month. Initially the idea was to start operations of 15 pairs of trains.

Dibrugarh, Agartala, Howrah, Patna, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central, Ahmedabad and Jammu Railways are available from the New Delhi railway station.

The Railway Department, which has since reserved 20,000 bogies for the Covid-19 care centers, will launch more specialized services on the new routes based on the available coaches.

A large number of coaches are reserved to accommodate up to 300 trains each day for migrant workers. Booking facilities for these trains start at 4pm on May 11th. Bookings available only on the IRCTC website. Ticket Booking Counters at Railway Stations No counter tickets will be issued, including closure and platform form tickets. Passengers wear face cover, screening is mandatory before traveling.

Coronavirus Lockdown Permission only for people who do not have corona symptoms

  • Coronavirus lockdown, Booking of tickets will begin on Monday evening at 4 pm via IRCTC website. You only need to book through this website.
  • Ticket counters at railway stations are not open. There are no tickets, including platform tickets.
  • Only passengers with confirmed tickets will be allowed into the railway stations.
  • Passengers must arrive at the station at least an hour before the screening.
  • These trains do not have general bogies. No concessions on tickets.
  • The train stops at some stations in between.
  • All these are AC trains. Superfast trains charge.
  • Shramik special trains allowed up to 54 passengers in each coach, with a total capacity of 72 people.
  • Bedsheets and mattresses are not provided to passengers even through AC trains. Temperatures are slightly higher than normal. Arrangements are made to ensure clean air.
  • Everyone must wear masks, face masks, thermal screening. Train passengers are allowed who do not have corona features.
  • The Railways also “advised” passengers of these trains to download the Aarogya Setu app even though it is not a precondition to travel.
  • Will trains start in Delhi only on Tuesday? It is not known whether it originates from the cities on the other side. It is expected that the train will depart from Delhi (almost the next day) and depart from the respective cities. The Railway Ministry revealed this key decision before the Prime Minister met with the CMs. After the allocation of 20,000 coaches to Coronavirus Care Centers and 300 Trains to Migrant Workers, these services will be launched in line with the rest of the coaches. Separate trains will be started on a regular basis.

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