Kali Temple

kali temple rk beach tourist place visakhapatnam (vizag )
Kalitemple Ramakrishna Beach (RK Beach), Tourist place to visit visakhapatnam (vizag), Andhra Pradesh.

Kali temple is dedicated to goddess kali. The temple is located in Ramakrishna beach, at a distance of 4 kms from Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Railway Station. The Architectural design of the temple is quite interesting sight for the tourist visiting to the temple. The structure is based on the model of a skeletal structure of a coral, constructed with bamboo fortified bond concrete.

The Kali Temple Constructed in 1984, this shrine of the deity of power (Shakti) is legendary for its splendid architecture depicting tall pillars, arches and minarets. The Temple complicated homes associate degree workplace, a quarter for the priest and a temple room. Beside the Kali temple, there is another temple dedicated to Lord Siva. The uniqueness of the Shiva Temple is its ‘Rasalinga’ that is formed of 10 Kg. single stone.

The nearby locations to Kali Mata temple are Ramakrishna beach, Matsya Darshini, Ramakrishna Ashrama are some of the place near the temple. The waterfront food court, Harbour view, Novotel Vizag, Varun beach, Cabritoz Arabic Mandi Restaurant, barista, the gateway hotel, beach road Visakhapatnam, café coffee day, Ramakrishna beach road, Punjabi grill are some of the Eatouts near the temple.

Vizag City main looking centres square measure settled within the Dwaraka Nagar RTC complex space and Jagadamda Junction area. Tourists interested for handicrafts, wall hangings, or picket toys will head for the government-run Lepakshi or the Eastern Art Museum.