Lockdown 4.0 guidelines covid-19

Coronavirus Lockdown 4.0 Central Guidelines

Lockdown 4.0 from May 18th

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Lockdown 4.0 guidelines relaxation that begins on Monday. Autos and taxis are also permitted in non-containment zones. However, Lockdown 3.0 is currently in operation nationwide under Corona. The deadline ends May 17. Lockdown 4.0 will come into effect from May 18th. This time the lockdown announced by the Central is going to be about the terms and conditions of any work permit. The denial of what is allowed is now aroused by everyone.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the lockdown 4 relaxation that begins on Monday. However, the central trustees have revealed that further relaxations have been made in the lockdown. Already, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested that another phase of lockdown extension is inevitable. It is in this context that everyone is interested in how the guidelines of the lockdown 4.0 will be. The central government oath is designed to facilitate relaxation, with the aim of establishing normal conditions in the country.

There will be a resumption of public transport in every possible area, decisions will be made only after the conditions are met, and the relaxation of local buses with limited capacity. The central government is concerned about the possibility of local buses running in non-hotspot zones. Autos and taxis are also permitted in non-containment zones.

Lockdown Effect Zomato terminate employees

Online food delivery company Zomato has decided to lay off 13 percent of its employees following a lockdown. The company founder and chief executive Deepinder Goyal sent a note to employees. He said cuts in wages were necessary to get out of the current crisis. Our business is badly hit by a lockdown. Most restaurants are permanently closed. In a note to employees, another next 6-12 months 25-40 percent of restaurants can be closed.

It has had a profound impact on the business and has forced delivery of groceries in this circumstance. He stated that in the present situation, not all employees have the power to cope and not all can work. So, 13 percent of the total workforce is sacked, he said. There will be temporary cuts in the salaries of all employees of the company from June 1, Deepinder said. However, those with lower wages will cut less, and those having higher wages will have up to 50 percent cut. “The cuts will stop as soon as the economy begins to grow, but it will take at least six months,” he said.

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